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Tis’ the Season of Mashed Potatoes


Could not pass up re-blogging this 31 days of potato recipes. Enjoy!  Check out their FB page for a new recipe each day.  The featured image recipe is from day 14,

Originally posted on Klondike Brands:

Ultimate Mashed Potatoes-H

One of my favorite things about fall is having so many opportunities to eat mashed potatoes, whether it’s mashed potato with turkey gravy for Thanksgiving or mashed potatoes prepared in potato patties for Christmas morning breakfast, mashed potatoes are incorporated in a multitude of meals the next few months. Potatoes are so functional that besides getting to eat lots of mashed potatoes, there is a myriad of ways to prepare them and use them in recipes. The options are endless. This month to help prepare you for the upcoming mashed potato months I’m going to give you 31 days of mashed potato recipes! That’s right I’ll be sharing 31 different recipes on ways to prepare and use mashed potatoes. Impress your family and friends this season with some new delicious recipes.

An easy way to see what recipes are given each day is to like us on Facebook at

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7 comments on “Tis’ the Season of Mashed Potatoes

  1. Jody
    October 8, 2013

    Wonderful! I’m a mashed potato gal too! Yummmmmm

    • knowledgeknut
      October 11, 2013

      OMG – my first love was Yukon Gold, now it is the purple ones. Remember the purple potato leek soup? :lol: I hope you are doing well, having fun and loving life. It is SOOOOO good to see you!

      • Jody
        October 13, 2013

        :-) Thanks so much & back attcha! ~I’m really lovin’ that gravatar!

      • knowledgeknut
        October 13, 2013

        Oh,oh, oh! This place REALLY exists! It is the East Brother LightStation outside of Richmond, CA. I got to spend a night there for my birthday once – it was WONDERFUL. Then, I saw this painting, knew it was the lightstation and bought it. I love this place so much I have the architectural designs! You ever get up to No. CA?

      • Jody
        October 13, 2013

        How awesome, lucky you, and yes! We love San Francisco and all points north. Greg and I spent a few nights at the Point Reyes Light Station back when it was a B&B. You’re sooo right. It really is a wonderful experience to spend the night at a light station! Nothing beats it, really. This one looks like something out of a dream!

      • Jody
        October 15, 2013

        Oops! I meant Point Cabrillo (near Mendocino).

      • knowledgeknut
        October 16, 2013

        :lol: Point Montara is a hostel that you can stay at too. Spent many nights there – it is so magical.

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