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Wooo Hoooo! The 2nd Review is in and it is AWESOME!

production me

“As Sally Applewhite, the voice actress performing Mary Bailey, Susan Chapman has the ability to make a room fall silent with slight shifts in her tone. I really felt the way her voice moved through the theater as Mary sees her husband struggling to hold his life together without knowing what’s tearing him apart.”

“Andrew’s and Chapman’s heartfelt moments – planning George and Mary’s future, embracing their children, worrying about that fluctuant future – are the heart of this show; these actors’ voices will make it tough for you to not require a tissue. When George and Mary speak softly, intimately to each other, your chest swells inexplicably.”

Here is a link to the entire review which is just outstanding!

I’m all tingly inside!

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2 comments on “Wooo Hoooo! The 2nd Review is in and it is AWESOME!

  1. utesmile
    November 30, 2013

    You are amazing! So great to hear and read such wonderful things! Enjoy the success!

    • knowledgeknut
      December 12, 2013


      Each show and the audience response just gets better and better and it is so very humbling and validating. Now, if I could only make a living doing this!

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