Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Bright New Year to all!

I have a gift for all of you.  Many of you that have been following me know that I act and that acting came at a time in my life when I dearly needed a tether.

I just finished a show that was a great success and great fun – sold out houses during the entire run.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

The theater made an arrangement with a radio station to air our show, Friday, December 23, 2016 at 7pm PST, and Saturday, December 24th at 12:00pm – noon.

My gift to you for this season of believing is a link to the SHOW (click on the word “Show”).  Once you click on the link – it will open into a new window. Then click on the LISTEN LIVE HERE and that will take you to the broadcast of Miracle on 34th Street.

In the meantime – here are some photos:



3 Days Later

It was a big day, and, it was a bigger deal than I could ever have imagined.

10/13/16 marked my 5 year cancer free anniversary.

(A quick “google” showed me that the establishing of this date is arbitrary.  I chose the date of surgery. 10/13/11.)

Many of you know I celebrate this with a post on the day each year.  This year was different.

The day before, in a conversation with my mom, I mentioned that my anniversary was the next day, she said congratulations.  When we spoke the next day, THE DAY, she didn’t say a word.  It shouldn’t have made a difference, but it did.

Maybe in the years that I’ve been blogging, somewhere, somehow, I shared that for all intents and purposes I’ve gone through the last 5 years of this alone. I don’t mind being alone, but there are times when I mind being lonely.  This day, this year, was one of them.

That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been moments of connecting with others.  On the first year anniversary I did a blog radio interview with Curvy.  (I wish I had a copy of that podcast, I’d like to hear today what I said back then!)

But the 5 year mark, that all important date, I didn’t realize how much of a cloud over my head it had been.  It was there, always, not ignored, but not exactly talked about either.  As if it would be a jinx to mention it too many times.  So,” you” follow your treatments, you have your exams, you wait and then you mark one more year off, somewhere.

The day came and went in silence.  It wasn’t until I allowed myself to think about it, to acknowledge the overwhelming feeling of pain, that I started to get a glimpse of what that anniversary does to a person.

There were times I cried so hard I could not breathe, then I’d calm down and think I was ok, only to be hit with another wave.  Finally, I calmed down enough to function, but there was no denying that this date is monumental.

I have not allowed myself to “think” about my reaction, I still feel very vulnerable.  The tears are just under the surface.

But there is one thing that did come to mind.  I’m sure I’m not the only person in this type of situation.  Alone, mostly.  My visits to the hospital and my doctor are not as frequent as they were in the beginning.  But if a hospital/Dr.’s office were to implement a routine where 5 year survivors are called and congratulated on their anniversary, that would be amazing.  I think it would go a long way in helping a person deal with the tension, stress, and fear that have been haunting a person for the past 5 years.  The never gone from the mind, “Am I going to make it?” question that plagues us all.

With that being said, I want to say


to all 5 year survivors out there.




I need your input PLEASE. REALLY!

Obviously, after repeated attempts to re-engage myself in blogging, it simply hasn’t worked.  Perhaps whatever I needed to do while I was blogging, I did.

Now I’m really hoping that some of you, maybe a good portion of you, will respond to this post.

I am still writing, but in a more concentrated way – I’ve completed a short story and am now working on a book.

But working on the book comes and goes as my inspiration does!

However, what I am really concentrating on now is my photography.

So, here is where I need your input.  I don’t want to loose those of you that are following me by starting a new blog.  But a blog dedicated to writing is no longer my focus.

So, do I create a new blog dedicated to photography and hope some of you will follow me?


Do I change this blog (including the name) into a photography blog?

The image I have posted is one that won 1st Place & Best of Division (Amateur) at the Amador County Fair and 1st Place in the Placer County Fair.


Interview – Susan Chapman

Source: Interview – Susan Chapman

An interview done for Felan Magazine by someone who is very dear to me – “wink, wink”.

Here is also a link to purchase the magazine where three very special photos have been published.


This is a GREEN pine tree shot in infrared. This tree is NOT covered in snow. It has snow on it and if you look closely – you can see the difference in the shades of white. Infrared turns green foliage white.  I put more contrast in the second one because it ended up showing the trees hiding in the clouds.  What’s your preference?


December One Photo Focus

So, this is my first official time participating.  Last month I happened upon the blog through another blog and just thought it would be too much fun to do – so I did.

I must have done a gazillion different edits.  For the final – you’ll have to visit the site:

Then to top it off, not only have I been dealing with migraines all week, I thought this went live on the 8th.  Oh well.  So a little late – but here are the other versions.