This is what happens when KnowledgeKnut is on sugar and caffeine

Those of you that read this blog frequently will remember that I am a foodie.  The “weirder” the food, the happier I am.  I’ve been eating Quiona long before it came in fashion.  It tastes good, its really good for you and it looks way cool after it has been cooked:

quiona close up


See that ring?  Isn’t that cool?!?

Imagine my DELIGHT when BMW came out with their new headlights on the BMW3!


They are called Angel Eyes and aren’t they something?  But look – they look like the rings around the cooked quinoa!  It was the first thing I thought when I saw them and I still think that when I see them.

So, I’ve been HOPING to run into a BMW driver, at night, so that I can ask them if I can take a picture of their headlights so I could write this post.


Poor BMW person, never saw it coming.  The more I tried to explain, the more I sounded like a goob.  But wait, it gets better!  After the photos didn’t work, and the explaining was done, we stood there and kinda looked at each other.  Yup, there were some shy sparks going on.  I was asked if I was single, I then asked the same of them.  Off to a good start.  So by now, the caffeine and sugar are in full swing and I can’t shut up.  This poor person is FREEZING and I keep yammering away.  We (I) keep talking.  I then offer to walk with them while they do their shopping.  So I do.  This poor, poor, really cute, pretty soft brown eyes, 4 kids, person is just besides themself as I walk and continue to chatter away.  They shop, I talk, they pay, I talk, we go back outside, I talk and finally we are back to standing and looking at each other.  There is silence.  I can’t stand it, I finally ask if they want my phone number – OMG!  Who am I!

Finally, when I have crashed from the sugar and shopped till I have dropped I am left wondering WTF did I just do?  Should I call and apologize?  No, probably better to never go there.  They can make the first move, I feel like Charlie Brown.



I’m so embarrassed………………………….. 😆


6 thoughts on “This is what happens when KnowledgeKnut is on sugar and caffeine”

  1. Oh, Angel Face, I know exactly how you’re feeling – I’ve caught myself in the grip of the same non-stop jabberwowky – an insidious character. I’m convinced this alien being gets inside when we our sleeping with our mouths open and he only wakes up at the most awkward times. Suddenly, he just goes back to sleep and we are left standing there unable to say another word….

  2. I think it is great, you were just yourself your natural self. Don’t apologise, don’t put a paperbag over your head. It is you and if htat other person didn’t like you, they just never talk to you. If they did , there migh be more conersations. You got nothing to lose. Haha you do seem to talk a lot!
    Be yourself and enjoy it!

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