Yes, the hole in the pants was THAT big!

So, this is what happens when KK goes to the first dance rehearsal.  Did I mention You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown is a musical?  Did I also mention that Lucy Van Pelt has an insane vocal range (G3 to F5, also High F#)?  Did I mention that I have to dance?  Oh, ok.  Just wanted to make sure I did not miss anything.   😆

Well, I wore what I thought was a good choice for pants – a pair of worn out jeans.  That way, it didn’t matter if they got dirty, etc.   Besides, I don’t really have any thing else.  I wear my sweats to bed.  Made sense to me.  So, we get ready to practice the Beethoven Day dance routine and Lucy is lying/sitting on the piano giving Schroeder googlie eyes.  Except I go to sit down and I feel this gigantic rip.  Yup, that’s right, those worn out jeans just officially became worn out.



The only thing that kept me from running out of the room screaming was the fact that I had another top with me that I could tie around my waist.  Fortunately, it only fell off once.  I could not with good conscience post a picture of my bum in these pants on FB – so it’s here in the post if anyone from FB wants to see for themselves.

Good Grief


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